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    • 13 Mar 2018
    • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Duluth

    MNOSHA North Supervisor Jeff Isakson will outline MNOSHA updates, guide participants through preparing for an OSHA audit, and advise key stakeholders in handling OSHA complaints

    Jeff Isakson joined Minnesota OSHA in November of 2003 as a Supervisor. Prior to Minnesota OSHA, Jeff worked 14 years as a safety professional in the Pulp and Paper industry.

    • 12 Apr 2018
    • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Duluth

    Salary Basis Essentials: The Things You Might Be Doing Wrong!

    The Fair Labor Standards Act was enacted 80 years ago, but to this day still poses compliance challenges for employers.  For salaried exempt employees, the challenges include compliance with the intricacies of the “salary basis” test.  How is an exempt employee paid a “salary?”  It’s not as obvious as it may seem.  This presentation will address the intricacies.

    Mr. Roby graduated with highest honors from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and received his law degree from William Mitchell College of Law.  He is certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as a labor and employment law specialist. He has been named a Super Lawyer every year of the program’s existence.  He practices with the Duluth firm of Johnson, Killen & Seiler.

    • 08 May 2018
    • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Duluth

    Are you prepared to handle incidents of workplace violence if they occur in your place of business? Do you have a plan in place to protect your workers? If you are not proactive you are gambling with your employees' welfare and lives. Understand early warning signs of workplace violence and how to prepare a plan for the facility, for team workers and for individual employees. Learn about the four categories of workplace violence and the best practices to protect your business and employees.

    This workshop is designed to give employees simple tools to address workplace violence. Employees will be able to plan for prevention, recognize impending signs of violence, respond in an appropriate and timely fashion and understand the importance of reporting.

    Vikki Sanders is a Safety Consultant Principal for OSHA Consultation Unit.  She has trained, investigated and consulted on the issues of workplace violence for 29 years.  She has worked 7 years as an OSHA investigator and 22 years as a consultant specializing in workplace violence, and general industry safety.  Vikki has taught over 570 businesses and 57,000 employees on safety topics to a variety of industrial settings including but not limited to long term care, hospitals, healthcare, education, manufacturing and business. 

    • 12 Jun 2018
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn

    Human Resource professionals are required to investigate complaints of harassment or discrimination; they also may conduct investigations into other misconduct.  Those investigations must be conducting professionally and defensibly. This session will review the elements of a workplace investigation from intake of the complaint through gathering of evidence through making findings of fact.  It will include practical tips as well as a review of best practices and practical strategies for receiving complaints, gathering evidence, assessing credibility and preparing reports. 

    For thirty years Fran Sepler has been an investigator and a teacher of investigation techniques.  She is considered a national expert and have written a book on the topic and has devised methods and strategies that are efficient, successful, respectful and solidly defensible.  She have done over 250 workplace investigations throughout the world. 

    • 11 Sep 2018
    • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Duluth

    Presenting your HR Business Case to the C-Suite - Kendra Dodd

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify business problems where HR solutions can be most valuable. 

    2. Learn how to place a dollar value on the problems, solutions, and profit increase.

    3. Create business proposals that solve business problems with HR solutions. 

    This session will challenge you to think like a partner in the business. That means you need to think like a CEO - or find out how your CEO thinks - in order to identify business problems and opportunities and offer viable HR solutions. Your effectiveness as a partner in the business is predicated on how successful you are in speaking the language of your senior leaders. We will also discuss how to dig up and generate applicable data in order to calculate dollars and cents to present to the C-Suite. Finally, we will walk through a business proposal step by step.

    • 09 Oct 2018
    • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Duluth

    Employer Branding: Unlocking the Power of Purpose - Andy Goldman Gray

    Andy will present an interactive session designed to give thoughts about employer branding and help people begin to shape their unique employer value proposition. We will share examples of small and mid-sized companies who have built an compelling employer brand, begin the process of creating our own, and discover ways we can connect people to the larger purpose of our work. 

    • 13 Nov 2018
    • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Duluth

    Understanding your Fiduciary Duties as a 401(k) Plan Sponsor - Dean McCall

    This session is designed to ensure Human Resource Professionals have current, relevant information regarding fiduciary duties during a time of rapidly occurring change. Topics of discussion include:

    ERISA Definition of Fiduciary Standards

    Who is a Fiduciary

    Managing Fiduciary Responsibilities

    Limiting Fiduciary Liability

    Ongoing Fiduciary Responsibilities

    • 11 Dec 2018
    • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Duluth

    Keeping Up With Changing Times By Changing The Work Environment - Marty Byrnes

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12 Dec 2017 Strategic HR Partnerships in a Unionized Environment - Jim Laumeyer, Laumeyer Human Resource Solutions
14 Nov 2017 Building Innovative Teams - Andy Zimney of Leading Off the Cuff, St Paul, MN
26 Oct 2017 Professional Round Table - Tips for Small HR Offices
12 Sep 2017 Second Chances to Great Hires! - Emily Baxter, We Are All Criminals & Kevin Lindsey, MN Dept of Human Rights
17 Aug 2017 Professional Round Table - Retention Tools: Beyond Hire & Fire
08 Aug 2017 How HR Can Help Employees Experiencing Safety Issues Outside of Work
17 Jul 2017 NHRA 13th Annual Golf Scramble/Fun Day
13 Jun 2017 Implicit Bias and How It Can Affect HR Practice - Fran Sepler, Sepler & Associates
30 May 2017 Workplace Innovation Workshop
09 May 2017 Performance Management - Improving Business Outcomes -- Brenda Lundquist, MRA
11 Apr 2017 How Great Organizations Create a Culture of Engagement - Roz Randorf, Dale Carnegie
30 Mar 2017 Professional Round Table - Recruiting Tools: Beyond Post & Pray
14 Mar 2017 How Loud Are Your Leadership Actions Speaking? - Kathlynn McConnell, Lifestyle Consulting Services
14 Feb 2017 Spend Valentine's Day with a Lawyer for 2016 Employment Law Updates!
07 Feb 2017 NHRA Special Event – The Earned Sick & Safe Time Debate in Duluth
10 Jan 2017 Employee Benefit Compliance in 2017 and Beyond
13 Dec 2016 Compassionate Service through Personal Wellness - Why it is important to promote health and well-being in the workplace.
08 Nov 2016 New Developments in Drug Testing and Workplace Retaliation and the Presidental Election- What the Candidates Have Said.
11 Oct 2016 Transparency in Communicating Compensation
27 Sep 2016 New FLSA Rules and Overtime Rule - What Employers Need to Know
23 Sep 2016 Professional Round Table - How to Deal with Difficult Employees
13 Sep 2016 Employee Benefit Trends......What's New and What's on the Horizon
09 Aug 2016 NHRA Member Appreciation Breakfast, featuring SHRMs Nancy Conway speaking on HR and the Aging Workforce: Strategies and Best Practices
11 Jul 2016 NHRA 12th Annual Golf Scramble/Fun Day
14 Jun 2016 HR Technology Selections- What employers are buying and why
10 May 2016 Finance for Human Resource Professionals presented by UMD Continuing Education
20 Apr 2016 NHRA Spring Conference - HR Rocks!
08 Mar 2016 Take Charge of Your Career
09 Feb 2016 Governmental and Legislative Affairs Forum
05 Feb 2016 Professional Round Table - Managing Employee Absences
12 Jan 2016 “What? I’m Fired?” -- Handling the Discharge Process and Termination Meeting
08 Dec 2015 "Only Connect!" -- Skills and Insights for Communicating Across Differences
04 Dec 2015 Professional Round Table - Performance Management: More Than Just the Appraisal
10 Nov 2015 Leading Fearlessly™
28 Oct 2015 Employee Benefits Compliance Update: Navigating the Affordable Care Act in 2016 and beyond
25 Sep 2015 Professional Round Table - Corporate Wellness Programs
08 Sep 2015 Change Management vs. Human Nature: How HR Can Help
06 Aug 2015 Strategic HR Conference - Ideation Consulting
23 Jul 2015 Hays 2015 White Board Seminar Series: Rising Health Plan Costs, Reducted Benefits, Cost Shifting, Failed Strategies...What do you do now?
17 Jul 2015 Employee Wellness Matters - Why Employers Need to Lead the Change
13 Jul 2015 NHRA 11th Annual Golf Scramble/Fun Day
09 Jun 2015 Incentivizing Compensation: From Setup to Structure
12 May 2015 HR Metrics - ROI for HR Initiatives
22 Apr 2015 NHRA Spring Conference - Catch Employment Law Updates Before They Catch You!
24 Mar 2015 NHRA Membership Mixer
10 Mar 2015 Navigating Change - CEO Al Hodnik on ALLETE's Leadership Journey
10 Feb 2015 February Educational Meeting - Employment Law Update
13 Jan 2015 January Educational Meeting - Cutting Edge Corporate Culture

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